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500+Ah energy storage battery cell leads the new changes

1.500+Ah energy storage battery cell leads the new changes
With the increasing competition in the energy storage industry, the capacity of energy storage batteries has raced from the initial 280Ah and 314Ah to 500Ah+.
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    1.500 + Ah large-capacity battery cell era is coming

    2.500 + Ah large-capacity battery cell era is coming

    The ever-growing capacity of the energy storage battery has become a trend. Following 280Ah, 314Ah cells are gradually becoming mainstream. In 2024, head battery company have launched 500Ah+. But at this stage, it remains to be proved whether the cost of large capacity battery has fallen or risen.


    Up to now, CATL, EVE, VISION, HiTHIUM, SVOLT and other manufacturers have launched 500+Ah energy storage mega-cells, pushing a cell from 1 degree to 2 degrees of electricity.

    Large-capacity 500Ah energy storage cell summary
    Large-capacity 500Ah energy storage cell summary

    2.The main reason for the increasing capacity of the battery cell

    Energy storage scenario demand

    On the one hand, in recent years, driven by China’s dual-carbon strategic goal, the energy storage industry has developed rapidly. With the deepening of energy storage application scenarios, the development of special energy storage battery cell is becoming increasingly urgent. Driven by downstream energy storage scenarios, the scale of energy storage power stations is leaping from MWh to GWh level, and will enter a larger number of levels in the future, which puts forward higher requirements for the battery cell capacity.

    Cost reduction and efficiency

    Cost reduction and efficiency

    On the other hand, in 2023, affected by the sharp decline in raw material prices, the price of energy storage cells has been falling.

    CNESA data show that the average price of energy storage cells in 2023 fell from RMB 0.9/wh-RMB 1.0 /Wh at the beginning of the year to RMB 0.4 /wh-RMB 0.5 /Wh at the end of the year, making energy storage companies urgent to reduce costs.

    However, the large cell itself has the advantage of cost reduction. As the battery capacity becomes larger, the number of batteries and parts used in system integration is less and more efficient, and the difficulty of system integration and battery maintenance costs can be greatly reduced. Therefore, large battery cells play a significant role in reducing the cost on energy storage projects and improving the economy of energy storage projects.

    3.There are many problems to be solved for large-capacity battery cells

    There are many problems to be solved for large-capacity battery cells

    With the energy storage entering into the scale of development stage, the energy storage cell derived from the power battery reached a united front on the 71173 size, 280Ah.

    However, under the demand of cost reduction and efficiency, today’s energy storage cell began to rise to 500 + Ah. However, at the same time, the safety test and size unification brought by the larger capacity cell are also of concern.

    Ouyang Minggao, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, has said that 300Ah + lithium iron phosphate energy storage battery core in terms of intrinsic safety, is actually more dangerous.

    The internal temperature of large-capacity batteries can reach 700 to 900 degrees, exceeding the lithium iron phosphate anode decomposition temperature of 500 degrees. With the increase in the state of charge of the battery cell, high-capacity lithium iron phosphate batteries thermal runaway generated by the proportion of hydrogen gas increases, the combustion index is twice as much as the ternary battery. Therefore, internal heat dissipation will become a bottleneck factor restricting its development.

    Compared with the power cell, the energy storage cell emphasizes the safety. The national standard for the power battery is allowed to occur thermal runaway events, as long as enough escape time is left. However, once the energy storage event occurs, it may cause great losses to the owner.

    At this stage, the unit capacity can be improved from two aspects and the cost can be reduced.

    The first is to increase the energy density of the monomer under the existing 71173 structural framework, and the upper limit is 340-350Ah.

    On the other hand, it is to increase the capacity of a single unit through dimensional redesign. At present, 500+Ah cell capacity and size are uneven, but from the overall development of the industry, reducing product classification and type is actually more helpful to achieve large-scale production and reduce energy storage costs, so the industry needs to launch a unified industry standard.

    4.Large battery cell: CATL VS EVE

    Large battery cell CATL VS EVE

    Not long ago, on January 25, EVE clearly announced the technical route of 628Ah energy storage battery Mr.Big and the matching 5MWh energy storage system Mr.Giant, marking a new level of large cell capacity. As for 5MWh energy system, you can check our top 10 5MWh energy storage systems in China article for more information.

    In fact, as early as the first half of 2023, the industry’s attention was also focused on 300Ah+. CATL, the industry leader, released products such as EnerC Plus with 306Ah energy storage battery and EnerD with 314Ah energy storage battery in the middle of last year.

    Now just half a year has passed, and the industry has released a new signal of 500Ah+. CATL quietly began laying out cells in 500Ah+ as early as 2023. According to people familiar with the matter, the CATL530Ah energy storage product will lengthen the length of the battery cell, and the width and thickness will remain unchanged, which can minimize the cost of changing the production line and effectively continue the reuse of 280Ah production line equipment.

    To the 500Ah+ battery era, there has been a change in specifications. Taking EVE’s newly released 628Ah energy storage battery as an example, it no longer follows the winding mode of the past, but adopts the way of stacking.

    In fact, the laminated process has now been adopted by a number of mainstream manufacturers, the same volume of the case of energy density is about 5% higher, the number of pole ears is twice that of the wound battery, the internal resistance is reduced by more than 10%, and the cycle life is about 10% higher than the winding. But the cost is to reduce the yield of the product, the need to do consistency.

    According to EVE officials, the model 628Ah large battery cell opened the global sample in December last year, is expected to be in October this year, the global mass production of the battery cell, the global mass production of the system in November.

    5.9 companies compete for energy storage cell capacity

    9 companies compete for energy storage cell capacity


    CATL has started the construction of 530Ah energy storage cell new production line in December last year. Industry insiders said that the length of the 530Ah energy storage cell is longer, the width and thickness are unchanged, and 280Ah production line equipment can be reused. The L series of battery cells carried by CATL Tianhang energy storage system can reach 430Wh/L, and the capacity of a single battery cell is at least 587Ah according to the existing information.


    On April 11, NARADA released 690Ah super capacity energy storage special battery, with 20 years of ultra-long life, volume energy density of 380-440Wh/L, cycle life of up to 15,000 times, single energy of more than 2 KWH, energy efficiency of over 96%, compatible with 650Ah to 750Ah capacity, The 20-foot energy storage system equipped with this battery can have a capacity of 6MWh.


    In May 2023, VISION released 580Ah energy storage battery, with a single battery power capacity of 1.856kWh, a weight of 11kg, and a cycle life of 10,000 times. The battery cell production base plans to land in Hubei, the scale will reach 5GWh.


    For the 4-8 hours long-time energy storage market, ETC has created a 630Ah large battery for energy storage. A single battery that can store 2016Wh of energy, with a cycle life of more than 10,000 cycles, and an energy efficiency of more than 96%.


    EVE is the first manufacturer to release 500+ Ah battery cells in China, as early as October 2022, EVE 560Ah LF560K energy storage battery has come out.

    In August 2023, EVE launched a large laminated smart cell “Mr.big” LF560K, which has a capacity of 628Ah, a single cell energy of 2.009kWh, and a cycle life of 12,000 times.

    In January this year, the company also announced the 628Ah energy storage battery Mr.Big technical route and 5MWh energy storage system Mr.Giant, Mr.Big battery will be used in large-scale, 4h and above scenery storage, shared energy storage, independent energy storage and other application scenarios. LF560K 5 will be produced in EVE’s Jingmen base, Hubei province with a capacity of 60GWh, and the first phase of the factory is expected to be completed in Q2 this year and put into production before the end of the year.


    Recently, TrinaStorage said that it has successfully developed 500Ah+ high-capacity batteries.

    The director of TrinaStorage said, “500Ah + large battery cell is a breakthrough product, to achieve a balance between battery performance and cost, according to the electrochemical platform, the internal structure of the battery for many years of experience in the accumulation of positive R & D, while according to customer demand, the standard 20 feet battery compartment how to improve the volume specific energy density of the reverse measurement, to get an optimal solution.


    The MIC capacity of the world’s first long-term energy storage battery is 1130Ah, refreshing the industry record, achieving a retention rate of more than 60% on the battery SOH, and ensuring the service life of the energy storage system for more than 20 years.


    SVOLT released 710Ah fly-stack short knife energy storage cell and 660Ah long life system energy storage cell. Recently, 730Ah large-capacity energy storage short-knife battery was released, which is stacked on the basis of L500-350Ah energy storage battery, with an energy density of 420Wh/L and a cycle life of more than 11,000 times.


    SUNWODA recently announced that it will release the 600+Ah battery program, which will further improve the integration of the battery cell, reduce the PACK parts by 40%, strengthen the shell structure, and realize the platform of PACK and easy to switch.

    6.Mass production and application path of 500+Ah energy storage super-capacity cell

    Mass production and application path of 500+Ah energy storage super-capacity cell

    These large-capacity energy storage batteries have a wide range of application scenarios, covering multiple fields such as landscape distribution storage, shared/independent energy storage, and long-term energy storage. They not only achieve cost reduction and efficiency by increasing capacity, but also achieve a breakthrough in battery life cycle. The “ten thousand cycles” of lithium batteries pave the way for the collaborative work of energy storage devices and photovoltaic power stations. You can check out our top 10 PV manufactures in China article to learn more about China’s photovoltaic energy storage companies.

    In the future, in the new power system, clean energy generation such as wind and light will dominate, and there will be long-term intermittent problems. In order to avoid power supply interruption, the energy storage needs to have a long life as a support, and the cycle life of the battery cell is a key to support the long-term operation of the energy storage.

    In order to meet the needs of “long-term energy storage”, 500Ah+ energy storage cells have been concentrated on more than 10,000 breakthroughs in cycle life, and strive to achieve more than 20 years of calendar life.

    The current large-capacity cell, SVOLT L500-730Ah energy storage cell energy density reached 420Wh/L, cycle life exceeded 11,000, NARADA690Ah battery has 20 years of ultra-long life, volume energy density reached 380-440Wh/L, Cycle life of up to 15,000 times, ETC 630Ah long-term energy storage battery, single battery can store 2016Wh energy, cycle life of more than 10,000 times.

    The 500Ah+ energy storage battery campaign has been “started”, and what impact and changes will be brought to the energy storage field is worth the industry’s expectation. As for the capacity of the mainstream cell in the future, how much is the standard size, it remains to be answered by the market and time.

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