Huntkey Shenzhen Gift & Home Exhibition Wonderful Reviews

The Shenzhen Gift&Home Exhibition proved to be a vibrant platform for companies to showcase their latest products. Huntkey’s presence at the exhibition was met with great enthusiasm, as visitors were drawn to their engaging booth. The carefully curated layout of the exhibition made it easy for attendees to navigate and explore the various offerings.

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    1. Introduction of Shenzhen Gift&Home Exhibition


    Shenzhen Gift&Home Exhibition is one of the largest and most influential gift fairs in China. Every year, it attracts the participation of gift manufacturers, suppliers, buyers and professional audiences from all over the world. The exhibition focused on displaying various types of gifts, including household items, accessories, handicrafts, electronic products, etc. Through the exhibition, enterprises can strengthen brand promotion, increase market share, and expand domestic and foreign customers and sales channels. At the same time, the audience can also learn about the latest products and designs, and explore new business opportunities in the industry.


    In addition to displaying and selling products, Shenzhen Gift&Home Exhibition also held a series of themed events and industry forums, providing opportunities for exhibitors and visitors to learn and communicate. During these events, industry experts and business representatives will share their experiences and insights, discuss the latest trends and market dynamics in the gift industry.

    Huntkey showroom full of low-carbon elements

    2. Huntkey, a leading brand in the power supply industry


    As a leading brand in the global power supply industry, Huntkey exhibited at the exhibition with its chargers, charging bars, sockets, Bluetooth headsets, data cables and other mobile phone accessories, as well as Osiga air cleaners and other smart home products. Prior to this, Huntkey, as a leader in safety power supply standards, participated in the formulation of a number of Chinese national standards and industry standards. At present, it has participated in the formulation of 32 standards and has 186 valid patents, which can be described as fruitful.

    As a leading company dedicated to the power supply field, Huntkey not only keeps innovating in technology, but also devotes itself to providing the best user experience. The products of Huntkey supply fully consider the needs of users in design, pay attention to details and humanized design, and provide stable and reliable power support. For example, in terms of fast charging product design, Huntkey 100W safe fast charging: three independent outputs, compatible with multiple fast charging protocols, and adopts GaN gallium nitride technology, small size and easy to carry, it is the first choice for many business travelers.

    Huntkey exhibited at the exhibition many products

    HuntKey also focuses on environmental protection and energy efficiency. In order to achieve carbon neutrality in 2048 and net zero emissions in 2050 (net-zero), Huntkey began to support low-carbon technology and double-carbon culture in four aspects of packaging, products, energy, and transportation, and has implemented it for every employee and channel customers. In March 2023, the second Huntkey Low Carbon Alliance Ceremony will be completed. This enables HuntKey’s products to minimize energy consumption and environmental impact.


    3. The impact of Huntkey’s participation in the exhibition


    The successful appearance at the Shenzhen Gift & Home Show once again demonstrated the strength and reputation of Huntkey as a power solution provider. HuntKey has established itself a good reputation in the power supply industry through continuous innovation and continuous improvement of product quality.

    In the future, Huntkey will continue to devote itself to technological innovation and product optimization to continuously meet the needs of the market and users. Whether it is providing power solutions for individual users or enterprises, Huntkey will always adhere to the principle of quality and provide reliable guarantee for various power needs.

    HuntKey has established itself a good reputation in the power supply industry

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