Mobile battery storage – learn about it and choose the best

The key to having fun outdoors is to ensure the battery life of all major electronic devices. Many people think that bringing a power bank is enough.

Although power banks can solve the battery life problems of mobile phones, iPads and other electronic devices.

But if you want to improve the quality of outdoor camping and add a variety of outdoor experiences, it is necessary to buy mobile battery storage.

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    What is mobile battery storage?

    Mobile battery storage has also been developed with the popularity of outdoor sports and the rapid growth of outdoor equipment. Its main purpose is to provide charging functions for digital and vehicle-mounted products and low-power home appliances anytime and anywhere.Grevault mobile battery energy application

    Mobile battery storage has a built-in lithium-ion battery and lithium ion BMS, which is suitable for outdoor camping, self-driving travel, emergency backup and other scenarios.

    For example, it can power drones, photography lights, projectors, cooking appliances, electric fans, kettles and other equipment to meet the needs of outdoor aerial photography, outdoor camping, outdoor live broadcasts, self-driving travel, etc. It can also be realized without mains power supply. 

    How to choose suitable mobile battery storage?

    Most people want to buy mobile battery storage, but they don’t know where to start. How to position it according to their own needs? You can learn about it from the aspects of power, capacitance, output port, and power battery cells.

    ● Power supply: A typical single-person camping power supply of 300W~500W is enough for single-person camping or daytime camping with multiple people staying overnight. Almost all daily-used cameras, mobile phones, air pumps, drones, lighting and other equipment can be satisfied.

    Multi-person camping requires boiling water, cooking, powering a large number of electronic devices, lighting at night, audio, etc. It is recommended to use an outdoor power supply with a power of 500-1200w.

    Power port: The more port types and numbers of mobile battery storage, the more devices can be charged at the same time. Currently, the mainstream outdoor power interfaces on the market mainly include AC, USB, Type-c, DC, car charger, PD, QC, etc. When choosing ports, you can give priority to those with a richer variety and quantity of ports, and preferably with fast charging function.Grevault mobile battery energ

    ● Power supply capacity: When buying mobile battery storage, you must look at the battery capacity. The battery capacity that the outdoor power supply can store determines the discharge capacity of the outdoor power supply. The battery energy unit is Wh, which refers to how much charge the battery holds or releases.

    Currently, the battery capacity of outdoor power supplies on the market ranges from 100Wh to 2400Wh. The larger the battery capacity, the longer the power supply time. However, the weight and volume of the battery will be relatively larger depending on the battery capacity.

    Battery cell: There are two types of cells for mobile battery storage. One is the more common automotive-grade lithium iron phosphate battery. The upper limit of energy density is relatively low and the low-temperature performance is inferior, but it has low cost, long life and safety. 

    The other is the ternary lithium battery, which has higher energy density, good low-temperature performance, and high charging and discharging efficiency. However, at the same time, the cost is also high, it is easy to decompose at high temperatures, and its lifespan and safety performance are relatively average.

    The service life of the battery core directly affects the service life of the outdoor power supply. With the continuous advancement of lithium-ion battery energy storage technologies, the number of cycles of both battery cells can currently reach 2,000 times.

    Best mobile battery storage - Grevault trolley outdoor energy storage

    The Grevault mobile battery storage – 5kWh trolley ESS, which a cutting-edge solution for all your power needs! With a self-developed design, this power supply combines the inverter and battery into one seamless package, offering unparalleled convenience and long battery life cycle.

    Whether you need backup power at home, a reliable companion for your outdoor adventures, or the ability to power essential appliances like ovens, electric kettles, and computers, Grevault 5kWh trolley ESS has you covered.

    Grevault mobile battery energy - 5kWh trolley ESS
    Grevault mobile battery energy – 5kWh trolley ESS

    It boasts a versatile array of output options, including AC, USB, and a 12V car charger, accommodating both Android and IO systems. Plus, the added Bluetooth connectivity makes control a breeze.

    Grevault 5kWh trolley ESS is IP65 waterproof-rated, ensuring it can handle whatever nature throws your way. Experience power, versatility, and durability like never before with Grevault 5kWh trolley ESS – the ultimate solution for mobile battery energy.

    Precautions for using mobile battery storage

    ● Check outdoor power supply lines
    Before traveling, check whether the insulation of the outdoor power supply cable is damaged. If it is found to be worn or aged, it should be replaced in time; check whether there is leakage in the wire line. If there is leakage, do not continue to use it.

    ● Correctly place and use outdoor power supplies
    After arriving at the destination, the outdoor power supply should be placed in a dry and ventilated place, and the outdoor power supply should be moved and used smoothly to avoid violent shaking.

    It is prohibited to disassemble and assemble outdoor power supplies at will. Do not disassemble the outdoor power supply before use, otherwise it may lead to risks such as fire, explosion or electric shock.The best choice mobile energy storage

    ● Use within the specified voltage range
    During use, the voltage used must not exceed the rated voltage indicated in the product manual, otherwise a short circuit may occur.

    ● Avoid mobile battery storage from being exposed to rain
    If it suddenly rains, turn off the outdoor power supply in time and place it in a dry place to prevent the outdoor power supply from short-circuiting due to rain.

    ● Cannot be placed in a high temperature environment
    When using an outdoor power supply for solar charging, do not place the power supply in a high-temperature environment (such as in the sun, next to a fire/barbecue grill) or place flammable objects around the power supply to prevent fire accidents. If you have any questions about how to use mobile battery storage, feel free to contact us.

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