5kwh household energy storage project

5kwh household energy storage projects

Continuously rising energy prices and electricity prices have promoted the rapid application of household energy storage devices.

According to different electricity consumption and actual needs, Grevault has launched home energy storage products suitable for different scenarios.

This article focuses on the design of a single Grevault 5kW household energy storage system.

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    Introduction of household energy storage system

    The structure of the household energy storage system includes: photovoltaic modules, energy storage batteries, energy storage inverters, grid-connected and metering equipment, public power grids, household loads and important loads, etc.

    PV energy first meets the power consumption of important loads, then charges the battery, and finally flows to household loads, and the excess flows to the grid.

    How it works

    1) In the morning, when the sunlight is sufficient, the PV energy is first supplied to the load, and the household load consumes the photovoltaic power generation to the greatest extent, and the remaining power will be stored by the battery; if the sunlight is insufficient, the battery will supplement the power to the load.

    2) In the afternoon, after the household load consumption is met and the battery is fully charged, the remaining power will be fed to the grid.

    3) In the absence of sunlight, the battery is converted into AC power by the inverter for the load.

    4) When the battery cannot meet the power demand of the load, the grid will supplement the power for the load.

    Grevault residential energy storage product performance

    Grevault 51.2V 100AH Powerwall battery is an innovative technology that allows homeowners to store energy in the home for later use.

    With the ultra-thin thickness design, the system can easily fit in a variety of spaces, making it ideal for homeowners with limited space. It supports various installation forms, including standing wall, wall hanging, and stacking, making it versatile and adaptable to different homes.

    Moreover, the system supports up to 32 parallel connections, ensuring that it can handle the energy needs of even larger households. This means that homeowners can be confident that their energy needs will be met, even during peak usage times.Grevault residential energy storage product performance

    Additionally, the system features a double safety redundant protection design, ensuring the reliability and safety of the system. This design ensures that the system is protected against any potential damage or malfunctions that could occur, providing homeowners with peace of mind.

    Overall, residential energy storage systems are a valuable addition to any home. They offer a practical and efficient solution for energy storage, reducing energy bills, and increasing energy independence. With its many advantages, the Grevault 51.2V 100AH Powerwall battery is a solid and safe investment for any homeowner.

    Household energy storage system configuration

    1) Components
    Select 18 pieces of 300Wp crystalline silicon components, 9 pieces/series*2 are connected in parallel to a 5kW off-grid integrated inverter (single-phase). The inverter outputs 220V voltage and 50Hz sine wave alternating current, which is connected to the grid through the grid-connected metering box.Household energy storage system configuration

    2) Battery
    According to the analysis in the table below, the total load commonly used by the family in one day is: 10.064KW.

    The battery selection specifications are: 12pcs of 12V, 200Ah batteries, which are connected to the 5KW off-grid all-in-one inverter through a DC DC switch in a 4-series and 3-parallel manner.

    Total battery capacity: 28.8KWh, considering the depth of discharge of the battery (DOD=70%), the battery conversion efficiency is 94%, the actual usable capacity is: 18.95KWh, which can maintain household electricity for 1.9 days.


    To sum up, the Grevault 5kW home energy storage system is an innovative and practical home energy storage solution.

    Through photovoltaic modules, energy storage batteries, and energy storage inverters, energy is efficiently stored and distributed to meet the needs of household loads, important loads, and the grid.

    A Grevault 51.2V 100AH PowerWall battery is a key component of the system. With its many advantages, the Grevault 5kW Home Energy Storage System is worth the investment.

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