215kWh C & I Energy Storage System

215kWh C & I energy storage system includes battery system, DC bus, low-voltage power distribution, local monitoring system, thermal management system, fire extinguishing system, etc. Data transmission is realized by communication between systems, and control strategies are executed; some devices perform state feedback and control through switching state. As the core control unit, the local monitoring monitors the data of each device in the system, protects against failures, and formulates system operation strategies.

Specification Parameter
Name 215kWh C & I Energy Storage System
Rated Power max100kW
AC output voltage 380VAC
Frequency 60HZ
Nominal Energy 215kWh
Voltage and capacity 768V 280Ah
DC voltage range 680V-840V
Communication 485,CAN Ethernet
Protection Degree IP54
Firefighting system Heptafluoropropane
Thermal management Liquid cooling
Dimensions(W*D*H) 1280*1000*2400mm
System topology AC couple

Company Profile

Grevault is one of the subsidiary companies of Huntkey. We independently designs, develops, and manufactures household energy storage systems, industrial and commercial energy storage systems, photovoltaic power plants, charging piles, new energy vehicles vehicle power supply.Huntkey Grevault

Established in 2008, the R&D lab focuses on R&D design verification, new materials, experimental technology application, product function test, BMS system verification, software process verification test, high-voltage electrical stability test, etc.

Mechanical Reliability Laboratory                             Electrical Performance Lab                             Environmental test Lab

Corporation Advantage

Technical Support

Technical SupportProgram
Recommend the most suitable products to customers based on industry experience
Cooperate with customers for system testing to accelerate their R&D progress
Professional after-sales team, closed-loop improvement for possible problems
Provide the latest technological solutions when technology advances

Quality Control – Intelligent Quality Management

Intelligent quality tracing system

Collect and trace the quality data throughout the life cycle (material – production process – finished product – shipping – client side – market side – user side)
Intelligent quality data alerting and decision making
1. Open the end-to-end data interconnection and establish a big data information management platform.
2. Use big data and statistical tools to conduct intelligent analysis and early warning of quality data, and realize intelligent decision-making and preventive control of quality problems.

Intelligent quality closed-loop system

1. realize digital and intelligent closed-loop management of problems (task reminder, escalation processing)
2. Establish a case base of lessons learned (traceability, query, analysis, review).


Battery energy storage systems, also known as BESS, are innovative solutions that enable the efficient storage of electricity. These rechargeable batteries have the capability to store excess energy during periods of low demand and release it during peak demand, ensuring a balanced and reliable power supply.

Battery energy storage systems operate using advanced technologies that efficiently store and manage energy. They are equipped with control systems that monitor energy levels, optimize charging and discharging cycles, and ensure a reliable and stable power supply.

Battery Energy Storage Systems can store energy from renewable sources such as solar panels and wind turbines, ensuring a sustainable and environmentally-friendly energy storage solution.the power grid during off-peak hours when electricity demand is low, allowing for efficient utilization of excess energy and reducing strain on the grid.

The storage duration of battery energy storage systems relies on various factors, including the battery technology used, the energy capacity of the system, and the rate of energy discharge. However, they are designed to store energy for sufficient duration to meet the needs of different applications.

The use of Battery Energy Storage Systems can also contribute to a more efficient use of renewable energy sources, such as solar or wind power, by storing excess energy generated and using it when there is a lower supply.

At our factory, we have implemented a robust quality management system that guarantees the excellence of our battery energy storage systems. This system encompasses various quality control measures, such as thorough material inspections, in-process checks, and final product testing, to ensure consistent and reliable performance.

Yes , We do OEM and ODM service.we have good experience to understand what buyers like and arrange development.

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    The 215kWh C & I energy storage system has revolutionized our energy management practices. Its comprehensive features and professional design have made a significant impact on our business operations. The local monitoring system provides valuable insights into our energy consumption patterns, allowing us to make informed decisions and optimize our energy usage. This product has exceeded our expectations and has become an essential component of our sustainability initiatives.

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