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Top 10 high capacity battery cell in China

Top 10 high capacity battery cell in China
Chinese Li-ion battery manufacturers are also making continuous efforts to explore more suitable batteries for industrial and commercial energy storage and household energy storage. This article will introduce top 10 high capacity battery cell in China in 2023.
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    From the perspective of changing market application requirements and the trend of cell technology iteration, high-capacity energy storage cells are becoming the main technology route for battery companies to seek sustainable development.

    Chinese Li-ion battery manufacturers are also making continuous efforts to explore more suitable batteries for industrial and commercial energy storage systems and household energy storage. This article will introduce top 10 high capacity battery cell in China in 2023.


    Top 10 high capacity battery cell in China in 2023

    Rank Batteries
    1 VISION 580ah
    2 EVE 560ah
    3 HIGEE 375ah
    4 SVOLT 325ah
    5 REPT 320ah
    6 HITHIUM 320ah
    7 Great Power 320ah
    8 CALB 314ah
    9 CORNEX 314ah
    10 FAR EAST BATTERY 305ah
    vision logo
    VISION 580AH
    Specification Parameter
    Battery capacity 580ah
    Standard voltage 3.2v
    Rated energy 1856wh
    Rated charge/discharge rate 0.5P/0.5P
    Weight 11KG
    Size W352*D71*H205mm

    VISION’s products mainly include energy storage, fuel cells, sodium-ion batteries and other categories. It is one of the battery brand manufacturers with the most complete battery product categories in China.

    The release of the large-capacity and long-life energy storage battery cell VISION 580Ah dedicated to energy storage is a reflection of VISION’s continued consolidation of its technological advantages.

    The 580Ah has a cycle life of more than 10,000 times. The product has been upgraded in both directions from battery cells and systems to provide customers with solid product safety and performance guarantees.

    eve logo
    EVE LF560K
    Specification Parameter
    Size D72XW352.3XH207.2mm
    Nominal voltage 3.2v
    Nominal capacity 560ah
    Operating voltage range 2.0-3.65v T≤0℃
    2.5-3.65v T>0℃
    Operating temperature range Charging: 0-60℃
    Discharge: -30-60℃
    Weight 10.75kg
    Energy density 167Wh/kg

    EVE’s LF560K battery uses ultra-large battery CTT (Cell to TWh) technology. That is, the innovative battery technology for TWh-level energy storage scale makes system integration extremely simple.

    It can achieve cost reductions at both the cell and system levels, and global delivery is expected to begin in the second quarter of 2024. The LF560K battery can reduce the total system cost and has a large capacity of 560Ah.

    A single battery can store 1.792kWh of energy and has a cycle life of more than 12,000 times, meeting the high economic needs of the energy storage market.

    higee logo
    HIGEE 375Ah
    Specification Parameter
    Nominal capacity 375ah
    Rate energy 1.2kWh
    Cycle life 10000
    Operating battery rate Compatible with 0.5Cp and 1Cp

    HIGEE is committed to improving the safety and reliability of energy storage products from both safety design and safety manufacturing.

    The HIGEE 375Ah product is specially designed for energy storage, subverting the structural design of the 280Ah battery cell and further solving the problems of high heat generation, uneven temperature field distribution, and short cycle of large-capacity battery cells.

    The application directions of HIGEE energy storage products cover wind and photovoltaic power generation consumption, microgrids, AGC frequency regulation, user side, industrial and commercial and household energy storage fields.

    svolt log
    SVOLT 325ah
    Types Parameter
    Cell material LFP
    Cell voltage range 2.5V-3.65V
    Battery weight 6.33kg
    Energy density Wh/kg 165

    SVOLT boldly enters the energy storage market with its leading position in short blade specifications and ultra-high-speed lamination technology.

    The thickness of the 325Ah L500 energy storage battery is only 21mm, which is only one-third of the thickness of the mainstream 280Ah energy storage battery on the market.

    At the same time, this battery cell breaks through the current limit of 320Ah capacity of traditional energy storage cells in 72*174 size specifications, and the capacity has easily reached 325Ah. It also excels in safety, cycle life and cost-effectiveness.

    REPT 320ah
    Specification Parameter
    Capacity 320ah
    Size 71*173*204
    Cycle life 7000

    REPT will continue to actively explore technological innovation and energy management by leveraging its strong technical R&D and manufacturing capabilities in the field of lithium battery manufacturing.

    While the volume remains unchanged, the internal space utilization of REPT 320Ah WENDING battery has increased by 4.5%, and the volume utilization has increased by about 4%.

    The actual capacity exceeds 335Ah, which is about 4% higher than the capacity of the 314Ah battery cell on the market. The energy efficiency is 0.5-1% higher than that of 314Ah batteries, which can increase customer investment returns by about 10%.

    hithiu, logo
    HITHIUM 320ah
    Specification Parameter
    Rated capacity 320ah
    Rated energy 1024Wh
    Rated voltage 3.2v
    Energy density ≥175Wh/kg
    Cycle life 10000cls(@70%)
    Size 71*174*207mm (L*W*H)

    HITHIUM is one of the top 10 energy storage battery manufacturers in the world, engaged in the research, development, production and sales of lithium battery core materials and lithium iron phosphate energy storage battery systems. HITHIUM’s new generation of dedicated 320ah battery for power energy storage features high energy, high compatibility, and high profitability.

    Compared with 280Ah products, it can further reduce the first purchase cost of the system, shorten the payback cycle, and meet the diverse industrial and commercial side energy storage needs.

    Using the HITHIUM 320Ah energy storage system, the 20-foot liquid-cooled container can be upgraded to a 5MWh+ standard container.

    Great Power 320ah

    great power logo
    Great Power 320ah
    Product model GSP71173204F
    Capacity 320ah
    Battery rate 0.5P
    Number of cycles ≥3000@70%

    Great Power is a high-tech enterprise that has been focusing on the manufacturing and research and development of lithium batteries for more than 20 years. Its 314Ah and 320Ah energy storage cells are used on the power generation side, power grid side, and industrial and commercial fields, and have already begun to be used.

    In the direction of upgrading the battery core, an exclusive electrolyte design formula and process are adopted to effectively reduce the internal resistance of the film.

    The pole structure simulation optimization is also realized, and the core space utilization rate is increased by 1%. The battery cell has a cycle life of up to 8,000 times and high energy conversion efficiency.

    calb logo
    CALB 314Ah
    Specification Parameter
    Chemical system LFP
    Size 174.4*71.4*207
    Rated capacity 314ah
    Operating temperature range -30-65℃
    Cycle life ≥12000@80%sSOH

    CALB 314Ah battery cell product debuted. This product is an iterative product of the L173 platform energy storage battery, keeping the product size unchanged. The battery cell capacity specification has been upgraded from 280Ah to 314Ah, thereby improving the consistency of the battery cells and reducing customers’ electricity costs.

    It is expected that Zhongchuang’s 314Ah battery cells will be delivered in large quantities in September. 5MWh liquid-cooled containers equipped with this battery will also be mass-produced this year.

    cornex logo
    CORNEX 314Ah
    Product specification PF173-314A
    Material system LFP
    Rated capacity 314Ah
    Rated voltage 3.2V
    Energy efficiency 95%
    Cycle life(25℃,@70%SOH) 12000
    Weight 5.76kg

    As a representative of new lithium battery forces, CORNEX is also a pioneer in product development. The energy of a single battery cell of Juneng π314Ah large battery reaches 1004Wh, the number of cycles reaches more than 12,000 times, and the energy density reaches more than 180Wh/kg.

    By optimizing the electrolyte design formula and tab structure, the resistance is reduced by 15% year-on-year and the temperature rise is reduced by 10%.

    CORNEX’s π314 large battery cell will be mass-produced in the fourth quarter of this year, and the 5MWh liquid-cooled prefabricated cabin equipped with π will also be delivered by then.


    far east battery
    Specification Parameter
    Rate capacity 305ah
    Cycle life 10000
    gravimetric specific energy ≥180wh/kg

    In view of the characteristics and needs of industrial and commercial and grid-side energy storage application scenarios, FAR EAST BATTERY focuses on the layout of 305Ah large-capacity, high-safety, long-life, full-life cycle low-cost lithium iron phosphate energy storage dedicated cells.

    This product uses a composite conductive agent that combines points, lines, and surfaces and an exclusive self-developed electrolyte formula.

    It has the advantages of long life, low temperature resistance, and high cost performance. At the same time, it can be charged at -10℃, which fully reduces the energy consumption of battery heating or environmental temperature control.


    Even though battery capacity is critical in energy storage, major battery manufacturers need to pay attention to battery safety and not just go for high capacity. Hopefully this list top 10 high capacity battery cell in China will help you learn more about battery.

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