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Top 10 household energy storage company in USA

Top 10 household energy storage company in USA
The artice will explore the top 10 household energy storage company in USA including Tesla Energy, Enphase Energy, Generac, HomeGrid , NeoVolta Inc, Sunrun Inc, SolarEdge, Sonnen Batteries, SunPower, FranklinWH.
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    Best lists of top 10 household energy storage company in USA

    The United States is the world’s largest energy storage market. At the household storage level, the cumulative household storage installed capacity will grow rapidly from 0.51GWh in 2019 to 15.79GWh in 2025, and the CAGR in 2022-2025 is expected to be close to 110%, and the household storage market has considerable prospects.

    The artice will explore the top 10 household energy storage company in USA including Tesla Energy, Enphase Energy, Generac, HomeGrid , NeoVolta Inc, Sunrun Inc, SolarEdge, Sonnen Batteries, SunPower, FranklinWH.

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    Rank Manufacturers
    1 Tesla Energy
    2 Enphase Energy
    3 Generac
    4 HomeGrid
    5 NeoVolta Inc
    6 Sunrun Inc
    7 SolarEdge
    8 Sonnen Batteries
    9 SunPower
    10 FranklinWH

    Established time: 2003
    Location: Palo Alto, California, USA
    Company website:

    Company profile:
    Tesla Energy is the provider of solar power systems and household battery storage products for household, commercial and industrial customers.

    Tesla Energy products

    Powerwall is Tesla Energy’s famous household energy storage device, which is a rechargeable lithium-ion battery stationary home energy storage product and provides homeowners with a reliable way to store energy generated by solar panels or the grid, ensuring uninterrupted power in the event of a power outage.

    Tesla Energy energy storage

    The Powerwall was launched in 2015 as the Powerwall 1 in limited production. As for the Powerwall, maybe you can explore the tesla powerwall price article in our website for more information. A larger model, the powerwall 2, went into mass production at Tesla’s Giga Nevada plant in early 2017, and a more powerful model with a built-in dc-ac inverter, the powerwall 3, is set to go into production in late 2023. As of May 2021, Tesla has installed 200,000 Powerwalls.

    Established time: 2006
    Location: Fremont, California,
    Company website:

    Company profile:
    Enphase Energy is a leader in the household energy storage market, specializing in deep analysis of the global household energy storage market demand and smart energy management solutions for household solar systems.

    Enphase Energy products

    The Enphase Energy Home Energy Solution is an integrated system that combines solar panels, energy storage, and smart technology to create the perfect household energy storage experience for homeowners. Its home energy solutions include the Encharge Battery Storage System. This system allows homeowners to store surplus energy generated by their solar panels for use during peak usage or power outages.

    Enphase Energy’s battery solutions utilize micro inverter technology to ensure optimal efficiency of each solar panel, maximizing energy yield and optimizing energy production and storage, thus providing homeowners with better energy usage and cost control.

    Enphase Energy household energy storage

    Through innovation and reliability, Enphase Energy will continue to shape the future of household energy storage.

    Generac logo

    Established time: 1959
    Location: Waukesha, Wisconsin, USA
    Company website:

    Company profile:
    Generac aims to provide household backup power and energy solutions.

    Generac products

    Their PWRcell is a household energy storage solution. Each PWRcell Solar + Battery system is designed to fit unique home energy usage, storing the energy generated by the sun as backup power in the event of a power outage or for peak demand. The PWRcell system reduces dependence on fossil fuels and is 100% zero-emission.

    Generac household energy storage

    Generac’s expertise in household backup power products and services has provided a solid foundation for the development of household energy storage.

    HomeGrid logo

    Established time: 2019
    Location: Henderson, Nevada, United States
    Company website:

    Company profile:
    HomeGrid is a subsidiary of Lithion, dedicated to providing the energy storage solutions and household back-up power for homeowners and businesses worldwide.

    HomeGrid products

    HomeGrid energy storage systems are constructed with top-tier LFP cells, which is recognized as the safest on the market.

    HomeGrid Stack’d Series Batteries is the most advanced energy storage solution designed for household or small commercial solar applications. These batteries Utilize advanced lithium iron phosphate (LFP) chemistry to provide reliable and efficient energy storage for solar systems, which offers a powerful combination of performance, reliability and sustainability to seamlessly power home or small business.

    HomeGrid household energy storage

    NeoVolta Inc logo

    Established time: 2018
    Location: Poway, California
    Company website:

    Company profile:
    Founded in 2018 by Brent wilson in Poway, California, NeoVolta designs, develops and manufactures household and industrial energy storage batteries and advanced energy storage systems that reduce utility costs and keep lights, medical equipment and remote workstations running during power outages.

    NeoVolta Inc company

    By storing electrical energy instead of sending it back to the grid, homeowners can avoid the inconvenience of rolling blackouts and power rationing, avoid peak usage, and ultimately reduce their dependence on the grid.

    Its storage solution uses lithium iron phosphate (LiFe(PO4)) battery chemistry designed to be clean, non-toxic and non-flammable.

    NeoVolta Inc energy storage

    NeoVolta’s NV14 battery is designed for safety and is equipped with a rechargeable lithium iron phosphate battery instead of “ion” electricity, which virtually eliminates the risk of fire. The system can also switch between AC, DC, and AC/DC power supplies according to your needs. NV14 passed the Underwriters Laboratories (UL) battery energy storage safety test product safety standard.

    Established time: 2007
    Location: San Francisco, California
    Company website:

    Company profile:
    Sunrun Inc is a residential solar, storage and energy services company, which provides photovoltaic energy storage systems and battery energy storage products, primarily to household customers in USA.

    Sunrun Inc products

    It designs, develops, installs, finances, insures, monitors and maintains solar panels on homeowners’ roofs. The company sells solar systems to homeowners and related products such as solar panels, energy storage inverter, shelving systems and other solar-related equipment to dealers. It also offers BrightBox solar power with smart inverter technology and home battery storage.

    Sunrun started with energy contracts (also known as Power Purchase Agreements). This simple and crude business model was the winning formula for Sunrun in its early days.

    Sunrun Inc household energy storage

    Under the energy contract mode, users no longer need to pay a high initial cost of tens of thousands of dollars, Sunrun is responsible for the sales, installation and operation of household photovoltaic systems, and users only need to pay monthly according to the power generation, which greatly reduces the threshold of household photovoltaic.

    SolarEdge logo

    Established time: 2006
    Location: Delaware, USA
    Company website:

    Company profile:
    SolarEdge is the leading company of household optical storage inverter in Europe and the United States, and its market share ranks in the forefront of Europe and the United States.

    SolarEdge products

    SolarEdge focuses on the household distributed optical storage market, and its products include household and commercial photovoltaic inverters, optimizers, household energy storage batteries, uninterruptible power supplies for home(ups power supply for home), electric vehicle charging piles, optical storage and other energy solutions, which are mainly sold to European and American markets. Application areas range from household, commercial to large-scale ground power station expansion.

    SolarEdge household energy storage


    Sonnen Batteries

    Sonnen Batteries logo

    Established time: 2015
    Location: San Jose, California
    Company website: https://sonnen

    Company profile:
    The Sonnen Batteries units for the US market are manufactured in San Jose, California.

    Sonnen Batteries’ products include AC-coupled solar battery storage systems, smart household energy storage products and system that can be integrated into any existing photovoltaic system on the market.

    Sonnen Batteries factory

    Sonnen has three different household energy storage batteries in the US: including the SonnenEvo, SonnenCore Plus and EcoLinx. SonnenCore home battery that manages your clean energy and keeps you powered during unexpected outages. Sonnen also offers a commercial and industrial EcoLinx battery called the EcoLinx 100.

    Sonnen Batteries products

    Established time: 1985
    Location: Silicon Valley
    Company website:

    Company profile:
    SunPower is a leading household solar company, offering solar and household energy storage solutions in North America. SunPower has the world’s highest efficiency solar panels featuring SunPower Maxeon cell technology and is the only U.S.-based solar company that’s been around longer than 25-year warranty.

    SunPower company

    SunPower’s energy storage product, called SunVault, provides backup power and performs other services such as peak demand response, with 6.8 kW of continuous power and a rated energy capacity of 13 kWh/26 kWh.

    SunPower household energy storage


    FranklinWH logo

    Established time: 2019
    Location: San Francisco, USA
    Company website:

    Company profile:
    FranklinWH was founded in 2019, and is based in the San Francisco Bay Area, funded by Sequoia Capital.

    Specializing in energy management solutions and household energy management and storage solutions, FranklinWH is a developer of household battery energy storage systems that provide safety, reliability and energy independence for homes.

    FranklinWH products

    Franklin Home Power (FHP) is a household energy management system that integrates solar, battery, grid, and generator power and manages it to optimize home energy security, reliability, and efficiency. The FHP is mainly composed of three parts, including the battery’s energy storage unit, intelligent energy management unit and intelligent applications. The FHP is simple in design and easy to install, maintain and operate.

    FranklinWH household energy storage

    aPower is FHP’s storage unit in an all-in-one form factor with a battery, battery management system and AC inverter. A single battery has a large capacity of 13.6kWh, 5kW continuous power and 10kW peak power can last for 10s.


    The U.S. household energy storage market is growing rapidly in recent years.

    From Tesla powerwall, Enphase Energy’s Encharge battery storage System, Generac’s PWRcell system, HomeGrid Stack’d Series Batteries, LG Energy Solution Prime+, Panasonic EverVolt, SonnenCore, SunPower’s SunVault, to Franklin Home Power (FHP) and more, the top 10 household energy storage company in USA provide excellent household energy storage products and service by providing advanced battery technology and comprehensive energy management systems.

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